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When you connect to (“Site"), we may be required, subject to your choices, to install various cookies in your device allowing us to recognize the browser of your device during the validity period of the cookie concerned. The cookies that we issue are used for the purposes described below, subject to your choices, which result from the settings of your browser software used during your visit to the Site.


Cookies may also be included in the advertising spaces on the Site. These advertising spaces display advertising content from advertisers on your device and contribute to the financing of the content and services that we make available to you.





·        to establish statistics and volumes of attendance and use of the various elements making up the Site (sections and content visited, routes), allowing us to improve the interest and ergonomics of our services;

·        to count the total number of advertisements displayed by us on our advertising spaces, to identify these advertisements, their respective number of displays, the number of users having clicked on each advertisement and, where applicable, the subsequent actions carried out by these users on the pages to which these advertisements lead, in order to calculate the amounts owed to the actors in the advertising distribution chain (communication agency, advertising agency, distribution site/media) and to establish statistics;

·        to adapt the presentation of the Site and the advertising space to the display preferences of your device (language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.) during your visits of the Site, depending on the materials and viewing or reading software that your device includes;

·        to adapt the advertising content displayed on your device by our advertising spaces, according to the navigation of your device on our site and the location data (longitude and latitude) transmitted by your device with your prior agreement;

·        to memorize information relating to a form that you have completed on the Site (registration or access to your account) or to products, services or information that you have chosen on the Site (subscribed service, contents of an order basket, etc.);

·        to allow you to access reserved and personal areas of the Site, such as your account, using identifiers or data that you may have previously entrusted to us;

·        to implement security measures, for example when you are asked to log in again to content or a service after a certain period of time.

·        to adapt the advertising content displayed on your device in our advertising spaces based on the personal data you have provided to us;





The Site may also contain advertising content (graphics, animations, videos, etc.) on our Site by third parties (advertising agency, communications consulting agency, audience measurement company, targeted advertising provider etc) who may associate their cookie at the Site and where applicable, the cookies issued by these third parties may allow them, during the validity period of these cookies:

·        to count the number of displays of advertising content broadcast via our advertising spaces, to identify the advertisements thus displayed, the number of users having clicked on each advertisement, allowing them to calculate the sums due as a result and to establish statistics;

·        to recognize your device during its subsequent navigation on any other site or service on which these advertisers or third parties also issue cookies and, where applicable, to adapt these third-party sites and services or the advertisements they broadcast, to the navigation of your device which they may be aware of; and

·        for the like purposes as mentioned in section 2 above.


We may use other third-party cookies to analyze the internet user experience on Groupe PSA sites and advertising banners. These cookies are issued for the purposes of measuring the audience of the different pages of the site, in order to evaluate them and better organize the contents and sections of Group PSA sites and advertising banners. These cookies also make it possible, if necessary, to detect navigation problems and therefore to improve the usability of the services. These cookies produce in particular anonymous statistics and traffic volumes, excluding any personal information. These cookies collect anonymous data which will also be used to personalize this site as well as other Groupe PSA sites and advertising banners. 







Several options are available to you for managing cookies. Your choice of settings may modify your browsing on the Internet and your conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of cookies.


You can change your settings regarding cookies at any time, by the means described below.


You can configure your browser software so that cookies are saved on your device or to be rejected by you, either systematically or depending on their issuer. You can also configure your browser software so that you are offered the acceptance or refusal of cookies from time to time, before a cookie is likely to be stored on your device. For more information, see the section 5 “How to exercise your choices, depending on the browser you use?”


If you have accepted in your browser software the recording of cookies in your device, the cookies integrated into the pages and content that you have visited may be temporarily stored in a dedicated space on your device. They will be readable only by their issuer.


If you refuse the recording of cookies in your device, or if you delete the cookies stored there, you will no longer be able to benefit from a certain number of functions which are necessary to navigate in certain areas of the Site. This would be the case if you tried to access our content or services which require you to identify yourself. This would also be the case when we - or our service providers could not recognize, for technical compatibility purposes, the type of browser used by your device, its language and display settings or the country from which your device appears to be connected. to the internet.


Where applicable, we decline all responsibility for the consequences linked to the degraded functioning of our services resulting from the impossibility for us to record or visit the cookies necessary for their operation and which you have refused or deleted.





For the management of cookies and your choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser which will allow you to know how to modify your cookie preferences, of which may be found at the following pages:-


For Internet Explorer™:,

For Safari™:,

For Chrome™:,

For Firefox™:,

For Opera™:,etc.




"Adobe Flash Player"™ is a computer application that allows rapid development of dynamic content using the "Flash" computer language. Flash (and similar applications) remembers settings, preferences and usage of this content using technology similar to cookies. However, "Adobe Flash Player" manages this information and your choices via an interface different from that provided by your browser software.


To the extent that your device is likely to view content developed with flash language, we invite you to access your flash cookie management tools, directly from the site





If you do not want our advertising spaces to save cookies in your device for advertising purposes, you can click on the deactivation link on the Site which will save a cookie in your device with the sole purpose of deactivating advertising adaptation services on the advertising spaces that we operate. Note that this procedure will not prevent advertisements from displaying on your device. It will only block technologies that make it possible to adapt advertisements to your browsing and your interests.


Please note that taking your wish into account relies on a cookie. If you delete all cookies stored in your device (via your browser), we or our service providers will no longer know that you have chosen this option.


Alternatively, you may connect to the site offered by digital advertising professionals grouped within the European association EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France. You will thus be able to know the companies registered on this platform and which offer you the possibility of refusing or accepting the cookies used by these companies to adapt the advertisements likely to be displayed on your device to your browsing information: http : // .


This European platform is shared by hundreds of advertising professionals on the Internet and constitutes a centralized interface allowing you to express your refusal or acceptance of cookies likely to be used in order to adapt the navigation of your device to the advertisements that may be displayed there. Please note that this procedure will not prevent the display of advertisements on the websites you visit. It will only block technologies that allow advertising to be tailored to your interests.


If you do not want our site to collect third-party Krux cookies, you can deactivate these cookies by click on the link of





We note that you may contact us through our social media channels. For example, if you send us or post a message on our social media pages, we may use the information contained in your message or post to contact you regarding the question/request raised. In order to provide you with the requested assistance, we may ask you to provide, via direct or private message, additional information such as details of the problem, your name, email address, vehicle identification number (VIN), your phone, location (city/state) and/or the make, model and year of the vehicle. The information you provide to us will not be used for direct marketing purposes; Market studies aimed at improving services and products will only be carried out on the basis of aggregated (anonymous) data.


Please note that you should not transmit sensitive data (such as information about racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or health) in your message. When you publish a message on the public area of a social network, everyone can read it.




Our website includes links to social media.


In order to protect your personal data when you visit our website, we do not use social plugins. Instead, HTML links are embedded in the website, allowing for easy sharing on social media. The integration of such a link prevents a direct connection with the various social media servers when opening a page of our website. By clicking on one of the buttons, a window opens in the browser and directs the user to the website of the relevant social network where (after logging in) they can, for example, use the 'like' or 'share'.


For more information on the purpose and scope of data processing and the further use of your personal data by social networks and their websites, as well as your rights and possible settings to protect your privacy, please refer to the data protection notices of each social network.


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